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Abdominal Fullness 腹满 腹滿
Accumulations And Gatherings 积聚 積聚
alcoholic preperation 酒剂
Apples 苹果 蘋果

A yummy fruit that grows on a tree.

Attack By Demons 鬼擊
Below the Heart 心下
Bitter Bitters

One of the five flavors, along with salty, sweet, acrid and sour.

Bladder 膀胱 膀胱 Urinary Bladder

The Urinary Bladder is a chinese medicine yang fu organ paired with the Kidney yin zang organ. Together they are associated with the element water.

Blockage and Repulsion 关格 關格 Closure and Rejection pulse

This is both a disease image as well as a pulse image. The disease name describes a person who is not able to evacuate bowels due to an interior blockage, and not able to pass urine due to an exterior repulsion.

Guan Ge pulse image is viewed as a mutual internal closure, via efflux of yin, and external rejection, via efflux of yang. The pulse is said to be 4 times faster than a normal pulse, and or it is said to be a conflict between yin (form) and yang (magnitude).

Blood Blockage 血闭 血閉 Blood Impediment
Blood Conglomeration 血瘕
Blood Impediment 血痹 血痺
Breast Milk 产乳
Brightens the Eyes and Sharpens the Ears 耳目聪明
Cat Feline

A four legged animal covered with fur.

Chest and Rib-side 胸胁
Child 小儿 Kid
Childlessness 无子
Complexion 面色
Counterflow Cough 咳逆
Damp Impediment 湿痹
Death To die, To be doomed, To be impassable
Diarrhea 下利
Dietetics 食疗 食療 Nutritional Therapy, Food Therapy
Disinhibit Water 利水
Dog Hound
Dried food to dry

A manner to prepare food, by drying it.

effect 效用
Five Strangury 五琳
Fright And Fear 惊恐
Generalized Impediment 周痹
Harden Stiffen, Firm
harmonious peace, union, in harmony, mix together

When two or more things form a union, are in harmony or are peaceful

Heat Qi 热气
Inner Inside, Interior, Within
Joint 骨节
Large Intestine 大肠 大腸
Laryngopharynx 喉咽
Lumbar Pain 腰痛
Menstrual Blockage 月闭
method of draining 泻法
method of supplementing 补法
Pain 疼痛
paste preparation 膏剂
Possibly Maybe, Either Or
production method 制法
Qi Binding 结气
Qi Dribbling Block 气癃
rice paste 米糊

Common food seasoning

sheng - measure quantity liter, sheng

This term is used as a measure word, for example in decoctions. In translated texts involving a decoction recipe, the term might be left in pinyin (sheng). The quantity meaning of the term changed throughout dynasties. Qin dynasty 1 sheng = 215.65mL, Xin dynasty 1 sheng = 191.825mL.

Six Extremes 六极
Small Intestine 小肠 小腸
Sore Skin Ulcer

A flesh wound

Stop Sweating 止汗 Check Sweating
Sweating 出汗
to cause to deliver
to steam to evaporate

a manner in which one prepares decoctions or food via steam

Urination 小便 Urine
viscera and bowels 脏腑 臟腑 yin and yang organs
Wind Cold Damp Impediment 风寒湿痹
Wind Damp 风湿

wind-damp it is a combination of the two

wine liquor
Yin-Wilting 阴痿 Erectile Dysfunction, Impotence