New Feature: Automated Footnotes

Despite our plans for a feature lock, it just seems like it cannot be helped. This week we have added a new feature for automated footnoting. Footnotes can be added to the book page and book chapter content types.

Footnote supports the following:


Officially in Beta

Today we have cleared the last of the beta blockers which kept us from going "public". From this point forward, the site will be accessible to the public at large, and we will be looking for 10 beta testers to start using the site!

We are still in "feature freeze" during this period, which means we will be focusing elusively on fixing any remaining errors, improving help documentation and cleaning up small theming annoyances.

If you are interested in being one of our 10 beta testers, please contact us online. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


New Feature: Content Locking

Ok, I said feature freeze until we are completely done alpha and into beta, but ....

Simply put, content locking helps editors and contributors to avoid colliding with each other while editing materials on TEAMs Translation. Without content locking, if two individuals are editing the same piece of content, at the same time, one users saves may be lost (or overwritten), without even knowing it.


First Content Added

As more and more content is added in this initial alpha stage, it should give us a better understanding if our current indexing and search functions will be able to go the distance. Our goal here is to make sure we are in the right place before general contributors start adding to the site. While we feel confident now how things are setup, small changes may be needed as the amount of content expands and users look for better ways of doing things with the site.

We are excited to see how things develop. Soon we will start soliciting outside beta testers! If you are interested,


Alpha Stage

Traditional East Asian Medicine & Scholarship Translation (TEAMS Translation) is now in alpha release, which means we are in feature freeze (no more new features added). We are looking to stabilize all the features we have now and make sure everything is running error free. Once this is done, we will move into beta which means a little more themeing, fixing up those final errors and working on the help documentation.