“Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.”

José Saramago

Traditional East Asian Medicne & Scholarship Translation is community based, creative common licensed online translation platform open to both the public and translators alike (lay and professional), implementing easy to use cooperative tools.

Translation from pre-modern sources for traditional east asian medicine, east asian religious & theoretical studies, and history. Learn more about TEAMs Translation free membership.

Latest News
New Feature: Automated Footnotes
Eric Vander Wal | 18 December
Despite our plans for a feature lock, it just seems like it cannot be helped. This week we have added a new feature for automated footnoting. Footnotes can be
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Officially in Beta
Eric Vander Wal | 10 December
Today we have cleared the last of the beta blockers which kept us from going "public". From this point forward, the site will be accessible to the public at
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New Feature: Content Locking
Eric Vander Wal | 19 July
Ok, I said feature freeze until we are completely done alpha and into beta, but .... Simply put, content locking helps editors and contributors to avoid
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